Simple Pricing

We employ multiple methods of photography. We'll photograph the property using one of more of these methods. Post processing includes using both Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to ensure the best quality photograph is achieved.

See the portfolio for examples of our work.

All interior and exterior spaces will be captured to showcase the features of the property. 

up to 2000 sq ft -$199

greater than 2000sq ft - call for pricing
Video walkthroughs and aerial video is also available and priced based on the project

Virtual Staging

Virtual staging has many benefits to moving furniture in and out of a house. Empty houses are easy to photograph, but generally do not present well or draw in the clients like staged or lived in houses. Inquire about a la carte virtual staging. Pricing is quoted based on rooms requested.

Sky Overlays

Blue skies with puffy white clouds are a welcome addition to any photo that suffers from the grey Oregon overcast. Overlays can be added to any photo.


Twilight Photos

Nothing catches a potential buyer's, and future clients, interest more than a cozy, warm real estate photo.  Every house can benefit from a dusk photograph, no matter what the size or price point. Typically high end houses are the ones getting the twilight treatment, but we believe every house can benefit from the twilight photo. Houses with little curb appeal suddenly become warm and inviting. Aged parts of the house fade away and the glowing interior lights become inviting. Twilight photos start at $129.

Aerial Photography

Aerial photography is the latest addition to the real estate photographers tools. Gaining a true understanding of the layout of a property that covers multiple acres is easily done using a drone. We fly the Phantom 4 Pro with a 20mp built in gimbal camera, and the photos are stunning. Add aerial photography to your listing staring at $299. Aerial video is also available and priced per project.